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In Odessa’s most lively district, known for its culture of beachfront architecture and bustling nightlife, a unique and appealing project is being developed for investors from all over the world.

The Buildings

The two residential towers in the project, combined with the public and commercial areas, result in a luxury development of 25 floors including a six-meter high double lobby, and a Dead Sea Spa spread over two floors, giving the building a modern look using design elements suited to the project’s unique location.


All the apartments in the project will be delivered to the tenants fully furnished and renovated, down to the last detail.


The project is located in the heart of Odessa’s recreation and entertainment area, and in close proximity to the beach.

Its unique location near the Arcadia promenade offers a wonderful combination of vibrant nightlife, bars, restaurants and entertainment centers open until the small hours of the night.

The Arcadia development, just a stone’s throw from the city center, is popular thanks to the beautiful beaches, the many restaurants offering rich and diverse culinary experiences, and a bustling nightlife scene that has earned it the nickname “Ibiza of the Ukraine.”


The project’s planning and design is being overseen by esteemed architect Assaf Shaul of the architectural firm CPSL.

The building’s façade exudes a modern vibe. The design of the main building, which resembles that of a ship’s sail, aesthetically connects the building to the nearby sea.

The building is constructed such that each apartment in the project has a view of the sea. The design maximizes the view from each balcony towards the Odessa seashore.

The building lobby, the luxurious spa on the 25th floor, and the Dead Sea Spa on the entrance and first floors round out this luxurious, exclusive building.


From the project’s dazzling lobby area, which includes a coffee shop, seating areas and the multi-floor Dead Sea spa, to the glass-floored swimming pool and the relaxing spa equipped with the best gym and sauna equipment, there’s no doubt that the Odessa Arcadia 2020 Project takes care of its customers and visitors in every way. Apartment owners and visitors are treated to a wonderful, sensual experience that invites your body and soul to relax.

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