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Avraham Lalom, LL.M., will oversee this project as a trustee. Funds to the construction company can only be released via the money and payment mechanisms for which he is responsible, subject to confirmation by the supervisory company that the construction phase has been carried out. These policies allow you peace of mind.


Renting out your property gives you an annual return of 14%, but beyond that, the project produces approximately 30% “upside” for your financial investment from beginning to end. This is based on 10% annual income throughout the construction period, after which you will begin to enjoy an average monthly rental of $1,500.


The Odessa 2020 Arcadia Project has a number of securities that aren’t available in any other project:
A. The final price is fixed from the moment the purchase contract is signed until the property is handed over to the buyers. B. The date of transfer is determined and agreed upon. C. There is a mechanism in place for compensation of monetary indemnity if the schedule is not met by the entrepreneur. D. A well-known trustee is responsible for handling all legal / financial issues.

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“One day you will wake up & there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted.

-Paulo Coelho

Now’s the time to purchase an apartment in the Odessa 2020 Arcadia Project

The Project

Luxury and Elegance - The Good Life

The project has two impressive, high-quality construction, 25-floor towers in a prestigious residential complex.
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The Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs

Green Park A.I.G. Holdings is a company that is unique in the Israeli and international landscape.
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The Location

The Location

The project is located in the heart of Odessa's recreation and entertainment area, and in close proximity to the beach.
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Annual Yield
Throughout the construction period 30%
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A Bit About the Project

The project’s two residential towers, combined with the commercial estate, result in a luxury development of 25 floors including a six-meter high double lobby, and Dead Sea Spa spread over two floors, giving the building a modern look using design elements suited to the project’s unique location.

All the apartments in the project will be delivered to the tenants fully furnished, down to the last detail.

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