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The project includes four spectacular types of apartments. These include 28 sq m apartments, with a balcony starting from 5 sq m; two-room 40 sq m apartments with a balcony of 8 or 12 sq m; spacious two-room apartments with a 12 sq m balcony; and the impressive three-room 75 sq m apartments, with unique 44 sq m balconies surrounding them. All are fully furnished, including electrical appliances, beds and everything needed to immediately settle into your luxurious new apartment.

Studio Apartments

28-square meter apartments, including balcony ranging between 5 and 8 square meters
The studios are planned functionally, and provide residents with all the features required for maximum comfort.

2-room apartments

43 square meters in addition to balconies of 5-21 square meters
50 square meters with a 17 square meter balcony
There are a number of planning options and room layouts for the two-room apartments available in the project, helping to maximize the space available and make wise use of every inch.

3-room apartments

75 square meter apartment complemented by a 44-meter balcony surrounding the entire apartment. The balcony can be accessed from all of the apartment’s rooms.

The apartment’s location within the building allows the owners to enjoy the magnificent Odessa sea-view from the large apartment windows.

Reach out for a higher level of comfort

We’ve created the perfect residential project for you. From the relaxing Dead Sea spa and the glorious swimming pool with a transparent glass floor to the immaculate gym and sauna rooms, luxuriously designed lobby, private management and maintenance company – we’re confident you’ll love your new property.

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